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About Chris Wesley's Photography

Chris Wesley at Scenic Drive Gallery during his first solo photography exhibition.

I've always loved the images that implied something, so that there was still room for a viewer's imagination to fill in the blanks if he or she chose to. Whether it's an animated boy stretching his arms out towards a distant tower potentially gesturing for a hug or for an answer, "Why?", or a door bearing a glass knob opening into a room just as easily occupied by peril as security, the viewer creates their own experience.

I print my fine art photography on aluminum, glass and wood along with cartoonized photos printed on canvas and traditional framed and matted prints depending on what each individual image calls for. I make a single print of each photo on the medium I choose and once it's purchased it's off the market, so don't wait if you see something you like.

My photos are made to be enjoyed on their own merit or as part of an enhanced part of my storytelling which also includes fiction, poetry, music and film.

About Chris Wesley's Storytelling

I was eight years old, the first time I caught the attention of a crowd with my storytelling. Seven children stood captivated as I told of the time when our family's pet Doberman Pinscher became engaged in a horrendous fight with my dad, ending with my dad killing the dog with a knife. It was fifteen minutes long and a lie. But then, fiction is like that.

Since that day, I've written music reviews and a music business column for Night Moves Magazine, graduated at the top of my class with a BS in Multimedia Technology, won an award for fiction writing, was part of an award winning poetry troupe, acted in independent movies and plays; wrote, cast, directed, shot and edited an independent short movie, started bands and gone solo. I play a few instruments and have generally been what some politely call "a wise guy". That means I say things I probably should have kept to myself. I do this often. But then, smart asses are like that.

I am the creator of The Wilderness, where stories of psychological drama bordering on psychological thriller play out across books, videos, fine art photography, music, live performances and email. It's the kind of thing that haunts my dreams and waking life alike because my ideas are huge and there's no blueprint for this undertaking. In spite of it all, I have fun with this. But then, visionaries are like that.


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